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Early Adopter Terms & Conditions


The A1222 Plus is sold as a distinct product to the AAA bundle. AAA bundle will be available with A1222 Plus Early Adopter registration until the batch of A1222 Plus Early Adopter has been sold out.

Customers who purchase the AAA bundle will, subject to availability, will be given the option of priority reservation of the A1222 Plus without a deposit. The reservation process requires the AAA bundle serial number being registered on the Amisphere.com website.

Delivery of A1222 Plus will commence for Early Adopter customers after October 2020. A complimentary Enhancer Software 2.0 software package will be supplied with every A1222 Plus sold in the Early Adopter scheme to customers of the AAA bundle.

The A1222 Plus is covered by a limited return-to-base warranty for twelve months. This covers against product failure due to sub-standard manufacturing of the goods. The warranty does not cover: accidental damage, incorrect product installation, inappropriate product use, electrical surge damage, electrostatic discharge damage, product abuse, cosmetic damage and wear-and-tear. To initiate a claim under this warranty you will have to provide sufficient proof of your original purchase from us and contact us within the guarantee period.

The Early Adopter scheme offers a limited amount of A1222 Plus stock at a special introductory price. It is offered subject to availablity. Priority is given to customers who register the AAA bundle.


Any monetary deposits made towards a pre-order can requested to be refunded. Refunds are made back to the original payment method within 30 days of request. Upon completion of the refund, the order for the A1222 Plus will be cancelled and stock will be allocated to another customer.

The AAA bundle can be refunded before physical or digital delivery is made.

It cannot be cancelled and refunded:
i) after fourteen days after delivery
ii) if the software seals have been broken
iii) if any of the software has been downloaded after serial code registration

Cancelling the pre-order for the A1222 Plus does not automatically enable the AAA bundle to be returned and cancelled.

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